Knife Ordering, Completion Times, and Policies


Step 1: To order a knife, please use the contact form on this site. We will discuss your knife “wish list”, what you intend to use it for, etc. Have a budget in mind before you start the process. Standard hunting knives generally start in the $200-$250 range

Step 2: Based on that design, I will quote a price. After your approval on that design/price I will put you on my “Build List” of current orders. Orders are prioritized based on first come first serve.

Step 3: During the build process I will send you periodic status updates, progress pictures, and potential design modifications (for your approval). Be sure to watch for those updates.

Deposits: I generally do not require a deposit. However, I reserve the right to ask for a non-refundable deposit. Generally, this would be for instances of uncommon knives that could not be sold in the event of an order cancellation or for very expensive materials.

Time To Completion

Lead time for the design and build of a knife is generally 3-6 months. This can vary based on current workload, materials availability, etc. If this is a gift, please allow for plenty of time when you order. Trying to place an order in November for a Christmas gift is not a good idea! I will give you an estimate on the completion date when we discuss the design of your knife.


Several weeks prior to the completion of your knife I will notify you that it is almost done. At that time payment is due.

PayPal, Venmo, Personal Check – These are all accepted payment types. All personal checks will need to clear prior to the knives being shipped or delivered. For international orders only PayPal is an acceptable form of payment.

I will send you an invoice or payment request prior to you sending your payment via your chosen payment method.


I will repair or replace any knife that experiences an honest failure. This does not cover misuse, abuse of the knife/knives, “Buyer’s Remorse”, or if the knife is modified in any way. If there is a question of abuse, I will require you to send the knife to me for my inspection. If I determine there was a honest failure, I will repair or replace the knife. If I determine the knife has been seriously misused, abused, or modified in any way, all guarantees/warranties are void.

Materials – Fragile materials such as fossilized mammoth, horn, etc. are more prone to chipping and cracking. Generally these types of materials shouldn’t be in daily or field use types of knives. As such, I cannot guarantee/warranty that such materials will not suffer a chip/crack, breakage, etc.